How to use dataFreeze service

Service Appointment

The software "Data Fixing Service - dataFreeze" is intended to provide services to guarantee the existence of certain digital information/object (DO) at a specific time.

This service is provided by fixation the actual state of the DO at a specific time and making it impossible for any changing later.

The procedure of fixation the actual state of the DO at a particular time point is called Fixation.

Customer of Service

Customer of fixation the digital object (DO) can be both physical and legal entities - owners or users of DO. Customer of services is the user of the "dataFreeze" software.

Object of fixation

The object of fixation may be any digital information presented as a website or a separate file of any format. In terms of dataFreeze service, such information is called the Digital Object (DO).

Result of fixation

Result of fixation the Digital Object (DO) is the Digital Object`s Container (DOC) in the form of XML-file containing all the information necessary to prove the existence of the Digital Object at a specific time, even if DO later will be deleted.

In addition to DOC, the user of dataFreeze service may be given the fixation results, sung up as appropriate documents in electronic and / or paper form.

Trusted mechanisms

The entire digital object (DO) fixation takes place directly on the server of the dataFreeze. User provides only a link to the website or sends the file.

For confirmation the specific moment of time in which the DO existed, a cryptographically protected timestamp, which is obtained from an external independent service, is used.

For protection of DO fixation results from subsequent changes, the digital signature of the "Digital Data Fixation Service - dataFreeze" and customer`s electronic digital signature of the dataFreeze are superimposed on the Digital Object`s Container (DOC).

Requirements for software and hardware

Working with dataFreeze service is possible from any PC or mobile device that is connected to the Internet and meets the requirements for the reliable operation of such browsers as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari or their analogues for mobile platforms.

User registration

Only users who have a registered account in the dataFreeze service can perform the fixations of the digital object`s (DO). Creating of user account provides on the service website (/account/signup/)

For user registration, you must enter a name, an active email, which will include a link for confirmation of registration, and a password.

User authorization

For starting digital object (DO) fixation process, user must being authorized by dataFreeze using the email address and password specified during the registration, either through Google services or Facebook (/account/auth/).

Fixation DO as a site

For fixation the DO as a site, you need to install the dataFreeze extension for the Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera browser from the appropriate app store.

To start fixation DO complete these steps:

  • go to the site where is necessary to freeze necessary DO;
  • open the dataFreeze extension window and click the [Start fixation] button;
  • after the site is downloaded in a new browser tab, the user will have a graphical interface allows using the mouse to select the data blocks wished to be freeze on the site page;
  • select required data block and press the left mouse button;
  • in case of clicking on the web link, the fixation of this data and the transmitted link will be done, as in the normal mode of operation. On the new page fixation mode will be work as well.

To complete the fixation open the "dataFreeze" extension window and click on:

  • [Cancel fixation] - to cancel this fixation and delete all received data;
  • [Complete fixation] - if registration of received fixation results will be done in the future;
  • [Go to the cabinet and make a fixation] - to go to the user's personal cabinet and to register the results of fixation in the form of DOC and related documents.

Fixation DO as a separate file

For fixation DO as a file, you must do the following:

  • enter the user's personal cabinet and click the [Add fixation] button (/account/order/all/);
  • select the "File" fixation type, select the file to be freezed on the PS (the [File] button) and click the [Fixation] button.

Results of fixation

It is possible to estimate of fixation results either directly after the fixation is completed by pressing the [Go to the cabinet and complete the fixation] button, or by selecting the necessary fixation in your personal cabinet

All results by specific fixation are stored in the section of the personal cabinet "Confirmation of fixation # xxx", where # xxx is the fixation number that is automatically assigned to each fixation.

The fixation results are serio of sets (or one set), each of which consists of a web-archive of the site page where the fixation was made and screenshots of the data blocks marked by user. Each set specifies the date and time of the fixation.

User has ability to delete both selected screenshots and the entire set.

Removing the last set of screenshots in fixation results means removal of entire fixation.

To provide the correct sequence of user referrals through a web link, it is not possible to delete the set from the middle of selected sets without first removing the extreme sets.

Registration of fixation results in DOC form

For registration of fixation results in DOC form you must perform the following actions:

  • in the section "Confirmation of fixation # xxx", where # xxx is the fixation number, in the "Select pages" section choose the sets and/or screenshots that should be included in the DOC. For support correct sequence of user referrals via a web link, all sets between start and finish limits are automatically included;
  • go to the "Fixation Options" item and click on the Create Container for Fixations button

As a result, a container of a DO will be created in the DOC form in XML format containing all information necessary to prove the existence of a DO at a specific time, even if this DO will be deleted from source in the future.